Terms and Conditions

Promotor of Perfect Packed Lunch

KM Charity Team, Gazette House, Estuary View Business Park, 5-8 Boorman Way, Whitstable, Kent CT5 3SE

Entries for KM Perfect Packed Lunch must be made by an adult with the knowledge and permission of the parent, guardian or teacher of the child or young person being nominated for the event.

All words, photos and images submitted in connection with an entry become the ownership of the KM Charity Team and can be used for publicity purposes, including possible future publications such as cook books and calendars.

All profits from these ventures remain in total with the KM Charity Team to enable it to further its charitable and community projects.

No entries must be made relating to children or young people where child protection issues are a factor or where domestic abuse cases might identify the location of the family as the publicity surrounding a young chef's success in the competition could lead to the child or family being put at risk.

In order to qualify as a finalist, children must adhere to these rules.

Further Details

If you have a question relating to the terms and conditions call the KM Charity Team on 0844 264 0291 (lo-call).

Beaney House Cowling & Wilcox KM Charity Team