Further Details

How to take part in the Perfect Packed Lunch Awards

All entries must be supported by an adult (either parent/ guardian or a member of school staff). Once a child has decided which category they are entering they should:

1. Draw or paint a picture of their perfect packed lunch. Use an A4 piece of paper and aim to fill the entire piece of paper with the drawing. Make sure it's in landscape.

2. Write a WOW sentence or advertising slogan to promoting their Prefect Packed Lunch.

3. Tell us about their perfect packed lunch and how it was made or created.

4. List the ingredients (real or imaginary) in their perfect packed lunch.


To take part children must design a packed lunch in one of the following categories:


What would a superhero eat for lunch? Superheroes can either eat a healthy and balanced packed lunches but they can also eat made up food items from different galaxies which can provide these heroes with super powers to save the world!

Pirate Captain

The Captain of a pirate ship needs to be able to keep his or her crew in line and terrorize the seven seas. What type of packed lunch would a ferocious pirate need?


If a princess was visiting important locations around her kingdom as part of her royal duties, what would be in her packed lunch as she traveled the land?

Famous Artist

Artists travel the land to paint pictures of famous landmarks, buildings and people. What would be in the packed lunch of a famous artist?


A brave Knight might be on the road for weeks hunting a dragon or doing good deeds. A packed lunched that can give energy is vital to his or her survival. Tell us about this special packed lunch.

Favourite Book Character

Think of a character from your favourite book and create a packed lunch they would enjoy on their adventures.


Think of a famous celebrity and what their favourite foods might be. What would be in his or her packed lunch?


Children should design a packed lunch that is healthy in content. The lunch should include protein, carbohydrates, calcium, fruit & vegetables and a drink.


Let the imagination and humour of your class run away with them! Children should design a packed lunch that is 'cheesy' in the literal sense or if they prefer 'cheesy' in the style sense. Ideas could include retro styled food like (cheese and pineapple hedgehogs) This category is suitable for children in key stage 2 only.


Help your class understand a historical period and use their imagination to create a historical packed lunch. Perhaps they could think about what Victorian children would have eaten for lunch or perhaps how life at school would have been during rationing time?


Help bring a classroom story or fairytale to life by creating a fairytale themed packed lunch. Children simply need to imagine the lunch box of a character or a place from a story. Green eggs and ham? Marmalade sandwiches? Honey , Acorns and Thistles?

The prize

Our independent panel of judges will select the winning entries based on creativity, innovation and content. Winners will be invited to attend an awards ceremony at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, in Canterbury, where winners' artwork will go on display.


Perfect Packed Lunch Awards is operated by the KM Charity Team - Kent's walk to school and healthy lifestyle charity. Registered charity number 1105834.

Beaney House Cowling & Wilcox KM Charity Team